Dough mixing technologies of TOPOS Company

TOPOS Joint Stock Company is considerable Czech producer of machines for
bakeries. The company was founded in the year 1950 and it means that this year celebrates 64
years of its activity. 64 years of experiences has to approve on the design of machines and
their service. Management of company aware that for not to lose the place on the market is
necessary to invest all the time into development of technologies and equipments. New
equipment should bring the higher added value and mainly should satisfy requests of

Activities of company TOPOS is first of all the equipment for dough production and
dough transport. In former times there were from the production program most often used
planetary mixers with removable bowls for the dough preparing. The last type of this product
line is the model T-750. It is designated for mixing of 200 kg of the dough in one cycle. There
are used spiral agitators or several types of frame tools for the dough mixing. This machine is
equipped by three speeds and it is possible to recommend its using especially for thin dough.
From this type of mixer has been derived the carousel mixing system which is successfully
using for thin dough by several bakeries in the USA.

Long tradition in company TOPOS has continual mixing system. Continual mixing
lines for ray-wheat or wheat dough from company TOPOS have worked more than 40 years
not only by Czech producers but in a lot of bakeries in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Continual dough line includes automatic raw material preparing and dosing, sour production,
dough mixing and ripening. This technology features by a high capacity. Production output of
such TOPOS lines is up to 2.000 kg of the dough per hour.

Currently TOPOS prefers using of spiral mixers for the dough production because of
the best dough mixing quality. There have been organized comparative tests of dough quality
between TOPOS T-180 Spiral mixer and comparable mixers of leading European producers.
Results of these tests have shown that the dough quality and yield is on the same level like on
the much more expensive mixers of these producers. It means for a baker that he can receive
from one mixing cycle several loafs of bread more then on the cheaper equipment of generic
producers. By four or five mixing cycles in an hour and 16 working hours a day it can bring to
the baker an important costs reduction. Therefore TOPOS salesmen recommends to their
possible customers to calculate with these reductions and not only with the purchase price.

TOPOS offers such high quality spiral mixers with removable bowls for production of
120, 180, 240 and 300 kg of dough in one mixing cycle. All these mixers can be completed by
automatic dosing equipments for flour, salt or yeast solutions, oil and a lot of other raw
materials and ingredients. These mixers have in the basic design two working speeds but they
can be also equipped by the step less speed control. Option of mixers is a dough temperature
measurement system. For manipulation with bowls are offered several types of hoist which
are able to reach tipping height at intervals 1,2 – 3,3 meters. The newest model in this line of
mixers is T-300DS Spiral mixer, which is equipped by two (2) spirals. This design makes
higher hourly production of high quality dough possible.

The last and most modern dough production solution from TOPOS offers automatic
mixing centers. These machines combine advantages of both previous systems – high
production of the continual mixing lines and high dough quality of spiral mixers. Basis of the

mixing centre are well tried spiral mixers for production 180, 240 or 300 kg of dough in on
cycle. There is used new system of the bowl gripping. Important part of the centre is a
hydraulic manipulator, which takes the bowl after the mixing process and which tips
automatically the dough into a hopper placed in front of the machine. The bowl is rotating in
the upper position and there is a scraper that scrapes bowl’s walls when the bowl is
overturned. It makes the displacement of dough remainders possible. In the hopper there is the
dough divided in parts with weight 15- 20 kg and transported by a vertical conveyor into the
hopper of divider. Over this hoper is placed a sensor watching the dough level and it controls
delivery of next dough into the divider. Entrance of an operator to the machine during its
automatic operation is limited by a security cage, which is equipped by sliding door with a
magnetic sensor. If the operator opens door of this cage, the whole process stops and it is
possible to realize some adjustments of the operation, cleaning or maintenance. Automatic
mixing centre has to be in every case completed by an automatic dosing system of raw
materials and ingredients.

Mentioned automatic mixing center can be a headstone for design of complete
automatic dough production line. Such line can be prepared also for two-step dough
production. There can be used thin or thick sponge. Ripening of the thin sponge is realized in
rotation tanks and its transport by pumps. Ripening of the thick sponge is realized in special
bunkers with Teflon coated inside surfaces and its transport by belt conveyors. For dough
ripening are used one- or more-belt ripening systems. The whole process is controlled by
operator via touch screen which is situated on the electronic switchboard. Line is equipped
with process visualization system which allows digital storing of production process, it means
batches, times, temperatures. The data are sent into personal computer of technologist. All
data could be reloaded and further checked. The whole line can be designed according to
special conditions of every customer therefore it is necessary to organize several consultations
between producer and customer before start of the equipment production.

It is necessary to say that using of the automatic mixing centers or automatic dough
production lines brings to the bakeries especially new and higher processing level and
achievement of stable dough quality. Next advantage of this system is elimination of hard
manual labour by manipulation with bowls and easy sanitation of equipment. Several
automatic centers and lines work already in bakeries in Czech Republic, USA, Russia, UK
Ukraine, Holland, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Mongolia.

In the TOPOS production program there are also several types of horizontal mixers.
For tough dough types like gingerbread or crullers offers TOPOS Double Sigma horizontal
mixers with useful volume 70, 300, 460, 600 and 800 liters. These machines are successfully
working in the USA, Russia, Mongolia, Moldavia and Belorussia. Further could be offered
quite a number of bar type horizontal mixers suitable for high-powered mixing of wheat
dough or Single Sigma horizontal mixers, which are for thin dough determined. These types
of mixers are determined first of all for the American market.

Milan Slaby

June 2014

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